1,000 Gifts

I've been helped in my own walk with the Lord to cultivate gratitude as I reflect on His abundant gifts as Jesus promised in John 10:10.  I've already begun to chronicle the many gifts I experience by His grace throughout my days and hope to add more soon.  Join me in looking to the Lord as the Giver of all good things, may all glory be His.

Full of His Praise

Thanks All Week Long

Seeing Light

Thanks Changes My Perspective

Why Give Thanks?

One Thousand Gifts Continued

Thanks With My Whole Heart

Give Thanks to the Lord

All the paths of the Lord Are Steadfast Love

In Sickness or In Health, Still Thankful

Every Good Gift

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Thanksgiving as His Sacrifice

For You Are Great and Do Wondrous Things

An Abundant Life

More and More To Be Thankful For

All Your Works Shall Give Thanks To You

Blessed By 400 Gifts

Always More To See

Always More

Still So Thankful

All Good Gifts

Choosing To Notice

30+ Reasons for Gratitude Lately


More of His Goodness

Grace Upon Grace

More To Be Thankful For

Life and Life Abundant

More of His Goodness

A Thankful Heart

Full of His Praise

So Many Thanks

Giving Thanks for Birthday Blessings

A Few Simple Joys

Our Great God and the Many Gifts He Gives

Thanks For All

Fall Thanks

30 Reasons Among Many

Giving Thanks As I See The Lord's Work

A Few Thanks

Many Thanks to the Giver of All

Advent Thanks week one

Reason To Give Thanks, Even Now

Rainy Day Thanks

Thanks This New Year

A Heart Full of Thanks

Oh Give Thanks to the Lord

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