Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I haven't updated this list in what seems like a long time... hoping to remember all the little things that I don't want to miss as I thank the Lord for every good gift He gives...

126. generosity of family = two yummy weekend lunches out at Bluegrass Burgers and Lotsa Pasta
127. watching Moriah love her far away family every chance she gets
128. the spontaneous "please" Moriah is saying when she needs a bit of help these days (opening her cup to get the last bit of milk, getting down from the picnic table after climbing up bravely, or opening a toolbox of Mr. S' that latches shut!)
129. the joy of motherhood as an opportunity to serve the Lord all the time, I didn't always feel this way as the first few sleep deprived months are far more exhausting than I was prepared for initially... I think it's the sowing and reaping principle come to life
130. comforting Moriah and knowing that the Lord somehow uses my hugs, and arms to hold her as calming to her little spirit (before motherhood I always worried that I might not have the "magical touch" I witnessed from other moms with my own child)
131. the friendly dogs who romp on the dog hill at our lovely Cherokee Park
132. little children playing with one another without hindrance, even though they may be strangers... just amazing, probably the community we all ought to long for and have with other Believers, more to look forward to in Heaven when all is made right
133. friends who became moms right about the same time as me!
134. enjoying the company of those friends at the zoo with our little ladies
135. kindness of a friend and an amazing memory resulting in a yummy surprise chai tea
136. smooth outings with three children, I didn't think it would be possible :)
137. giggles of little ones together... heard during a "You Make Me Wanna Shout!" dance party last night... not the "witching hour" in this home for once
138. cooking a "real" dinner during naps just to make it possible
139. the calming help and mood booster of fresh air! I'm becoming old when I just want to go outside "to enjoy the fresh air"
140. toy tractors driving through the grass
141. the automatic fun balls bring to playing with children, especially in a racquetball gym
142. friends who will walk in the evening, even though it's dark (back to #139)
143. a new recipe for tasty pasta
144. the acquired tastes of life post-college: mushrooms, coffee, kalmata olives, tomatoes, fresh herbs, tiramisu, mangoes, winter squash, sweet potatoes, celery in soup, pimento cheese, onions on hamburgers, creamy tomato soups, pesto, and the list could go on...
145. sharing recipes with friends
146. praying with Matt and knowing we seek the Lord together for our wisdom and guidance
147. Trader Joe's and the fun of a new grocery store with unique extras
148. financial provision in the most amazing ways... an extra $100 then a car repair that wouldn't have been afforded otherwise, "overtime" pay for recent extra hours that will help with a Thanksgiving worthy feast
149. the potential for a long Christmas Break from work, just like my teaching days... WOW!
150. knowing that the Lord knows all things and has most lovingly ordained them, we are safely in His keeping

pardon the lack of pictures, I'll keep working on it!

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