Monday, October 8, 2012

thanks for all

all of these things and more give me ample reason for thanks to the Lord, the giver of all things...

1051. a fall break full of rest
1052. a car repair more simple than we expected
1053. two girls grocery shopping with me, happy as can be
1054. an art fair, creativity on display
1055. art for us to hang in our room
1056. clothes for bundling up, warmth is possible
1057. Women on Mission showing appreciation to the area's pastors
1058. winning a door prize
1059. Cracker Barrell Saturday morning breakfast to look forward to
1060. rejoicing with friends as they Lord has led them to a great new position
1061. homemade country foods, fried chicken!
1062. all things pumpkin
1063. little ones scrubbing their pumpkins clean
1064. a playdate with friends, time for moms to connect
1065. a pajama walk
1066. Gator rides even to the "back forty" and the joy on their faces
1067. fellowship with others ministering in similar places with more experience
1068. seeing hte Lord's work in growing us, and encouraging others as He teaches them
1069. the conversation free as gender roles were discussed in Sunday School, the Bible is plain to our church family, they aren't phased by the "times"
1070. big kids kindly playing with our little girl, listening to her delight to be included with them
1071. forts with dad
1072. a clean home to begin the week
1073. time to cook slowly on Sunday afternoons
1074. yogurt in the Crock Pot, plentiful and cost effective
1075. a cancer considered "treatable"
1076. book orders, even though I'm not a teacher any more
1077. knowing that I'm part of the mystery Paul proclaimed, salvation to the Gentiles
1078. a community for on-line Bible study
1079. the prospect of a Dutch baby pancake for breakfast
1080. the rest time mutterings of my 4 year old friend as he ingrosses himself in imaginative play


Sheryl Nelson said...

I love reading your lists. I look forward to you updating them each week:)

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love those repairs which don't turn out too much. That is such a blessing.
Great list of gifts.