Thursday, December 20, 2012

rainy day thanks

On my first full day off work for Christmas break, I've realized I have SO much to be thankful for...

1251. rain here, not tons of snow like in Kansas City right now
1252. being able to get out in our weather and do a marathon grocery shopping trip
1253. a rain coat for Moriah, a consignment splurge that got great use today!
1254. family coming to visit us, all at once, a big family Christmas that we've never had in our home (even if it's going to be crowded!)
1255. food to share with our families, and some extra snacks and treats too
1256. room in our budget for this special occasion
1257. space in our kitchen to store the food until we start cooking
1258. the rain that stopped just as we got home and I unloaded it all
1259. a little helper who's a good sport while grocery shopping
1260. lots of friendly faces that love to talk with Moriah while we shop
1261. the prospect of homemade chai tea and granola soon (I can post those recipes too!)
1262. sweat pants and a hoodie after my first outfit got soaked going in and out
1263. a good day for Moriah to nap well
1264. Christmas treats a good friend delivered yesterday, tasty today!
1265. a Christmas bonus and a large debt paid

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