Friday, October 21, 2011

life and life abundant

51. the Lord's power, most obvious through His Word and the Holy Spirit, which changes my perspective and values to be more like His, all for His glory and my joy
52. creation's interdependence, as I heard birds chirping in the trees I noticed the perfectly timed berries growing to fill their tummies, if He cares for them how much more does He care for us
53. consignment stores in abundance here, perfect for virtually all of Moriah's wardrobe needs
54. thoughtful and generous friends
55. my ring sling carrier which allows me to tote Moriah around while letting me remain free to use both hands for carrying a laundry basket or pushing a vacuum!
56. the recipe for a sparkling sink: clorox and hot water soaking for an hour, scrubbing with baking soda, rinsing clean, then a quick spray of Windex for shine
57. a much needed and very restful morning with a sweet girl, pajamas, breakfast, and books on the couch cuddled with a blanket - can't beat it :)
58. God's grace providing tenderness all night long while caring for a sick little one
59. humble teachers
60. friendly faces I recognize out and about, things like this make me feel at home in a funny sort of way

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