Monday, July 23, 2012

why give thanks?

After reading this today in
Ann Voskamp's post on A Holy Experience blog, I really wanted to share it... Her words clearly and concisely explain the reason I give thanks as a Christian.  I hope they direct your mind to the Lord to whom all thanks are given as I share so many of His graces to me.  
"There is no real thankfulness unless it is to Someone and thankfulness only helps your life because who you are thanking is the One who is all your Help."

766. energy and health to care for my home
767. cleaning that makes our world feel a bit fresher
768. a little helper who gladly joins me
769. more produce, in SUCH abundance
770. a freezer full of food to save for winter
771. trying new recipes
772. summer salads, crisp and refreshing
773. vacation days
774. an extended visit with family
775. the excited anticipation Moriah has leading up to her 2nd birthday
776. a pillow traded for pacifiers, we hope the plan works!
777. friends to share with
778. rejoicing with others
779. an ice cream "pot luck"
780. baking and cooking on a Sunday afternoon
781. magic erasers that renew my walls
782. learning as I listen to those who've walked this way before me, moms and wives 
783. a produce auction
784. the Amish horse and buggy which delighted Moriah and I both
785. an ever helpful mother (my mom, I mean)
786. summer coursework completed for Matt, more family time for us
787. forgiveness shared
788. a meeting without conflict when it seemed to be brewing (I'm reminded not to "borrow trouble")
789. the Lord showing me my sin while showing me His work in Christ, bringing much grace to turn from my sin and cling to Him, far more exceeding joy
790. two excited uncles

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