Tuesday, February 21, 2012

more and more to be thankful for

it's been longer than I wanted to wait before making another list of many things we can be thankful for, I'm sad to say that I know I can't possibly remember all of the Lord's good work in my life over the last two (or three?!) weeks... I'll do my best to remember and also be reminded that unless I acknowledge Him along the way I'm so prone to forget though His abundance is rich

431. did I say this already, an unexpected financial gift paying for half of Matt's summer class
432. a hard working husband who's reading, reading, reading these days to complete book reviews
433. a sweet husband who will read in the same room as me, just because I love being close (and I try to stay quiet)
434. walking with happy girls on a lovely day
435. children's consignment sales (I may have mentioned this before too?!)
436. slowly simplifying our life
437. realizing the Lord's provision and choosing not to cling to things for some sort of security
438. cleaning out closets and possessions that we can do without
439. recipe organization
440. kind people who become quick friends
441. generous hospitality of those who are far more "settled" in life yet still willing to share
442. quality resources shared among churches, being challenged by a "Money" book discussion out of an Acts 29 church
443. cold water when thirsty
444. little hands wondering where something went
445. a burst of energy after feeling a bit sick
446. God's timing which alone can be fully trusted
447. the joys of a library
448. birdwatching while I work
449. red headed downy woodpeckers, tufted titmice, and nuthatches all entertain as I wash dishes and watch children
450. filling up birdfeeders
451. a little man who hauls heavy loads in his Gator!
452. a three year old friend who asks why I have to go
453. roasting all kinds of vegetables together for a delicious side dish
454. the excitement of a wedding to celebrate
455. children sleeping
456. cooking with kids who love to help
457. loyal dogs
458. a storage unit
459. a baby girl who is more flexible than I realize
460. honey shared, local from a beekeeper in our church
461. cardboard box bulldozers

Monday, February 6, 2012

All your works shall give thanks to you, O Lord...

and all your saints shall bless you! ~Psalm 145:10

How right it is to give thanks to the Lord for His daily graces to us... join me as I thank Him, the source of all

401. a body which can exercise
402. children's consignment sales which are helpful as a buyer and seller
403. a husband who leads with love and sacrifice
404. books that challenge and build up
405. conversation into the night
406. conviction of sin and God's grace in Christ even still
407. unwavering love from my husband in spite of sin
408. freedom apart from perfection
409. waiting to scrub the shower, choosing not to be frantic
410. learning time management through the lens of people over tasks
411. considering simplicity and longing for it
412. clearing out excess (starting with a storage unit from my former teacher days)
413. a quarter received which allowed for laundry to be cleaned, God is in both big and very small
414. chocolate sheet cake baked to share
415. mashed potatoes with cottage cheese, remembering my favorite childhood lunch at Grandma Nettie's house
416. a healthy 18 month old baby girl
417. His word which stirs my heart
418. hearing a testimony of faith from 70 years ago, "30 were baptized in the creek that day"
419. specific prayer
420. kind conversation with moms as we walk with our little ones
421. a van that can be repaired... today
422. the imitations of a helpful little girl as she cleans with me
423. classes with familiar faces all around
424. learning organization without perfection
425. books, books, books with my sweet girl
426. hash browns cooked in the oven, so much easier
427. leaving the world in the smallest of ways, finding contentment in the Lord instead
428. music leading to worship
429. clear and sunny skies today
430. my husband who works so very hard