Monday, May 28, 2012

praise to the Lord, the Almighty

It's late on Monday, but even Monday night counts...

556. a wonderful weekend with our little family
557. weekend breakfasts
558. time for cooking
559. simplifying and de-cluttering our home
560. visiting with friends and enjoying them in our home
561. living with open hands regarding possessions, there's so much that can be more beneficial to others than it is to me (especially when I'm only storing it!)
562. obedient faith even in the midst of persecution to come, all for God's glory and His renown
563. watching and listening as Matt and Moriah play, doctor was the big activity this weekend as her rocking horse, teddy bear, and various babies were all sick from time to time - Matt had her "checking teddy bear's ears for honey" - don't ask me where he comes up with it :)
564. feeding animals on a real farm and watching Moriah blow kisses at the goats as they ran by her
565. the refreshment of a long weekend
566. a lovely at home date with a redbox movie and Lotsa Pasta's individual sized tiramisu (total cost under $5!)
567. Moriah's elation as she ran through the sprinklers at the "sprayground" (fountains) today
568. catching up with sweet and faraway friends
569. considering the Lord's sustaining strength and daily grace over the past year and the trials we walked through
570. new recipes
571. grilling out
572. hearing of the Lord's sovereign work all around the world as we enjoyed time with our neighbors
573. the gift of Moriah's life as we've been entrusted with her for these days
574. summer reading and a lovely recommendation, "Home to Harmony" - I'll hope to write more about it soon
575. considering the perfect plans of the Lord in faithful marriage
576. a busy bag swap and the new games Moriah's enjoyed learning with
577. a thriving container garden with lovely flowers and herbs too
578. little ones enjoying a water table
579. a garage sale to come
580. spring cleaning (late) our bedding

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