Monday, October 15, 2012

fall thanks

1081. weekend times together
1082. soup in the crock pot
1083. pink overalls for our "farmer" :)

our pink farmer at the pumpkin patch
1084. her excitement over new independence
1085. Moriah's helpful spirit, carrying things to the laundry basket, delivering clean things to their spots, dropping her (plastic) dishes into the sink
1086. an early Sunday morning drive
1087. the Amish lifestyle
1088. another pumpkin given to us, it's big!
1089. coffee with plenty of cream
1090. my husband's love

thankful that he loves us both so well

1091. a large sugar maple right outside our sliding doors, a perfect view of fall colors
1092. many opportunities for friendship
1093. a husband who will come along for my working overnights with three little ones to listen for (though sleep is often elusive!)
1094. Moriah's memory, her coins are currently stashed in her play food cornbread box - she remembers!
1095. Moriah's growing love for Matt, when he comes home from work she often says "missed you Daddy!"
1096. talking with my brother, hearing of his latest baking endeavors
1097. a sweet girl wishing her Grandma "Happy Birthday"
1098. Matt's growth as a preacher, thankful the Lord is working through him
1099. watching the Lord persevere the faith of His people, even in difficult trials
1100. one more Seminary class paid!

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