Wednesday, October 19, 2011

more of His goodness

26. slow starts on weekend mornings
27. spontaneous but intentional kisses from a baby girl
28. friends, to reconnect with whenever I'm given the chance!
29. rejoicing in the blessings of others, like a recent engagement of a dear friend :)
30. the best chocolate chip cookies thanks to a circulating "secret" recipe! (hint... bananas not eggs)
31. the comfort of pajamas
32. the wisdom of many compiled in stacks of great books
33. opportunities to teach my daughter bits of self-control even from a young age, with hope that she will ultimately surrender her will to the Lord
34. a job which gives me opportunities to remember Christ's words and purposes in molding us as we serve others
35. tucking my baby girl into bed with a blanket I made just for her
36. the simple fun of a pumpkin patch with tractors of course! (and little boys in tow)
37. friendship found in lots of places
38. play dough in little hands
39. a husband who is my best friend
40. a kind guard dog, who is actually just a Golden Retriever (on duty as I nanny overnight away from home!)
41. a mild mannered daughter (a specific answer to many prayers for a "peaceful" baby!)
42. organized exercise as infrequent as it may be
43. crock pot dinners
44. generous giving which blessed us (a kind church member gave us cash to go out to eat!)
45. the yummy lunch we enjoyed as a result of #45
46. eyes that are opened to the providence of God as a result of greater dependence and need
47. home (that means a lot, but to explain seems to rob it all)
48. fellowship with Believers who you just met, no other sort of "instant" friendship can be found
49. recognizing God at work, changing me through conviction and a deep desire to repent in a fresh way
50. elated laughter from my baby girl, especially when it comes as she's loving time with her wonderful daddy

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