Monday, September 24, 2012

a few simple joys I'm thankful for

sweet friends reading together, though someone's always moving!
1001. a meal and good fellowship
1002. the blessing of friendships strengthened by the Holy Spirit
1003. the help of a little girl during my cleaning this afternoon, cleaning is more fun with a sweet girl joining me!
1004. a day at home, some productive time, some play time, and home most of the time

painting last week!

1005. the campus clinic
1006. a Crock Pot dinner to look forward to tomorrow
1007. the blessing of babies for so many friends, this is a sweet season of life
1008. God's provision, down to the penny
1009. sermons available on-line, listening while I iron
1010. cooking with kids

making our little apple pies
1011. wasp spray to make our balcony welcoming again
1012. a fire pit and s'mores
1013. the joy of "bouncies" (inflatables) for little ones
1014. hearing of God's perfect provision in the lives of friends
1015. tasting fall in all things apple and pumpkin

little apple pies, thank you Pinterest!

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