Wednesday, August 29, 2012

full of His praise

Habakkuk 3:3
His splendor covered the heavens, and the earth was full of his praise.

881. a mostly restful night's sleep with three littles to listen for
882. a big boy who stayed in his bed all night!
883. a full morning with all things accomplished (dropping off a car for repairs and picking up a rental van with three in tow and an ever helpful husband up early to join us!)
884. a sweet boy who cleans up "all by myself" a big step!
885. morning muffins, cream cheese and chocolate was my choice
886. feeling like there's such an abundance of good gifts that some have slipped through the cracks of my memory
887. preparing for the celebration of marriage, for my kindred spirit, so glad we'll be there!
888. talented seamstresses who can make things fit
889. a mom who's willing to loan
890. a hand made gift, hoping it's extra special
891. the opportunity for family pictures, something we don't do often enough
892. days off at just the right time
893. learning with Moriah and ABC Jesus Loves Me
894. a rental van that has been just right
895. helping Matt
896. a skilled tow truck driver who can quickly change a flat tire
897. fast mechanics who can plug the tire, so that it's just like new!
898. leaving our home in order, and the comfort of returning to order
899. waking up early for a jump start to the day, and food from the Word
900. seeing God in people who love and serve Him, even when their lives have looked much different
901. gathering again as a community group, knowing they know me
902. praying throughout the day, God is near
903. a challenge to memorize His Word
904. the Seminary Wives Institute, thankful that the Lord has graciously been preparing me to walk alongside Matt
905. a frog pond after a short nature hike with little ones
906. playing pizza shop, menus and all with three small cooks
907. the kindness humility allows
908. a "home day" with no extra plans
909. the leaves starting to fall, only every now and then
910. a little boy and his fishing pole
911. a freezer for storing leftovers, dinners in a week or so
912. friends who will help and play with Moriah
913. a winter wardrobe, gently used found through the racks of the children's consignment sale
914. a ladybug raincoat, the most prized item in Moriah's eyes :)
915. unlikely matches among hand-me-downs gathered from a few places
916. a deposit made, and gas needed, just right within pennies - the Lord knows what we need
917. the State Fair with little girls
918. a friend nearby for many years now, enjoying life in many seasons
919. learning delight as God gives me joy in so much that was once only mundane
920. a family to love and serve, in order that we might all love the Lord

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