Tuesday, November 6, 2012

giving thanks as I see the Lord's work

These things are such small ways, and some big, that I know have been sweet graces of God.  I want to remain thankful in all things as we're instructed throughout the Bible.  Keeping this list helps me remember, when otherwise I'd rush on and miss the blessings...

1131. a pumpkin pancake morning that starts a 12 hour day off well for all
1132. time at the park, fresh air is always good for little ones
1133. Target gift cards shared, so helpful
1134. early Christmas shopping, less of a last minute rush always feels good
1135. voting, an important opportunity
1136. trusting in our living and unchanging God above all other earthly things, even a president
1137. a napping house
1138. rejoicing with friends at the news of a baby to come
1139. a baby shower celebration this weekend
1140. church childcare that is intentional, Moriah left saying "Teacher read me Bible about Jesus"
1141. the differences in boys and girls, Moriah was begging to talk in the car only to hear our friend Mr. S. say "Nothin' to talk about, Moriah!"
1142. a diligent husband who doesn't procrastinate :)  the semester's winding down
1143. Moriah's concern for our little friend Ms. M.K. "Gonna be okay M.K." as she pats her in the midst of M.K.'s tears during all occassions (diaper changes, fits, or a general accident!)
1144. the exciting anticipation of a vacation to come (we'll celebrate our 5th anniversary and Matt's upcoming graduation!)
1145. the perspective of a godly lady who's known suffering and chose not to ask "why me?"
1146. the safety of a sweet church member after a big fall
1147. sharing chicken noodle soup leftovers and knowing the Lord had prompted
1148. praying with others, trusting God together
1149. morning pilates, really helpful lately
1150. a sunny and brisk fall day, it's cheerful this way!
1151. a little girl who didn't seem too bothered by the time change (last year she was a mess!)
1152. the warmth of an added feather blanket on our bed
1153. giggles of an uncontrollable kind when Matt or I do something so silly Moriah can't help but laugh
1154. friends getting together for a girl's night, a really rare treat
1155. considering the "household of God" and the significant blessing of living life together
1156. a large medical bill paid, patiently over a year and a half, the Lord has been faithful

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