Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh give thanks to the Lord...

"Oh give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name,
make known His deeds among the peoples.
Sing to Him, sing praises to Him,
tell of all His wondrous works.
Glory in His holy name,
let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice!
Seek the Lord and His strength,
seek His presence continually.
Remember the wondrous works that He has done,
his miracles and the judgments He uttered."
~Psalm 105:1-5

1326. accountability for Scripture memory, Truth on my mind changes my thinking so much
1327. learning more about prayer from two godly women who've been faithful
1328. a weekend at home, to rest and recover from a cold
1329. playtime for Matt and Moriah (even though she was so excited Saturday that she didn't nap!)
1330. Moriah's new favorite game, "play fire girl", as we climb on the couch "firetruck" use the spray bottle "fire hose" and put out fires here and there all over the house!
1331. time to clean a bit around the house
1332. snuggled up to watch a little Friday night movie with Moriah while Matt's away
1333. Saturday morning's donuts, and a new discovery - homemade donuts just down the street!
1334. knowing that God knows and has good planned, even if I don't always know His ways
1335. a sweet church of people we love
1336. Google maps, street view, little glimpses of a place we'll see soon
1337. time for Matt and I to rest together without studying!
1338. seeing God change my desires
1339. Dr. Horner's Bible Reading Plan, a new method of encouragement to read the Word
1340. free laundry while I work, so helpful!
1341. the idea of "future grace", in Christ we can long for and look forward to God's continuing grace to us, it's not just something we've seen in the past, that may not last, it will be for all of eternity!
1342. catching up with a friend, even with a hoarse voice
1343. cooking on the weekend, enjoying the meals throughout the week
1344. community group pot-lucks
1345. the need for confession, often, God's grace and forgiveness lived out through those around me
1346. a read aloud for Moriah that's just right for her, lately the veterinary stories for children from James Harriot
1347. consignment sale season, items priced and ready for drop off
1348. a silhouette of Moriah, her curls and sweet profile, remembering her 2 1/2 year old face for days to come
1349. sunny, blue skies in Louisville, mild weather
1350. wise doctors who counsel with care
1351. Matt's faithful preaching, even in hard passages, knowing he's sought the Lord and desires to proclaim the Bible for God's glory
1352. friends who will baby-sit
1353. Moriah's memory, wild all she's stored away!
1354. a mom who checks in when I've been sick
1355. practical ways to love my family, the gift of time to do so
1356. a weekend with naps for me
1357. starting the week with clean laundry for all
1358. birthday parties for little friends, celebrating life
1359. God's provision in our taxes, refunds and taxes owed balance in my self-employed situation
1360. creative little minds to watch and enjoy as they play together

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