Monday, January 30, 2012

blessed by 400 gifts

362. time at home with our little family together
363. the start of a new semester for my husband, the Lord is sustaining us through the seminary journey
364. generosity of so many
365. a loaned car to drive
366. pacifiers that can soothe
367. new friendships growing
368. homemade dinners in every element

369. a Ranch dressing recipe shared
370. the smell of banana bread baking
371. seeing God in the journey He leads others on
372. walking alongside those in similar ministry settings
373. the opportunity to pray specifically
374. knowing the Lord has used me to be a blessing to another
375. sharing God's work with a wise counselor
376. rejoicing with a newly engaged friend :)
377. an altered dress that fits just right
378. sharing resources that the Lord has used in my life
379. ironing clothes
380. glowsticks in a baby girl's bath... lots of fun for all

381. a sky painted with pinks, purples, and oranges as the sun rises on a new day
382. preventative medical care
383. listening again to God's work in drawing Matt and I together six years ago
384. the purity of the Holy Spirit's work rather than our often tainted feelings
385. days off to be a homemaker
386. books that are slow to absorb, providing much to think upon
387. a stack of books waiting to be read
388. fresh air circulating
389. little girls playing together

390. the Lord knowing that this season would be one of good and needed refinement, not letting us go on without it
391. a new chapter of friendships and fellowship
392. a sink, full of dishes soaking
393. the Psalms which give us words
394. sharing hope for a thankful life with others
395. grand daughters who love to be at great grandma's for the weekend
396. a softening heart
397. giggles at the discovery of another novelty in the world (through the eyes of an 18 month old)

398. "mama tickle" from Moriah's mouth
399. "mama pat Moriah" at bedtime as sleep approaches
400. a walk outside in January, only jackets needed

1 comment:

Christina said...

Congrats on reaching 400! Enjoyed visiting here again and reading your blessed list. Such adorable kids, love the glow sticks in the tub!