Monday, January 30, 2012

blessed by 400 gifts

362. time at home with our little family together
363. the start of a new semester for my husband, the Lord is sustaining us through the seminary journey
364. generosity of so many
365. a loaned car to drive
366. pacifiers that can soothe
367. new friendships growing
368. homemade dinners in every element

369. a Ranch dressing recipe shared
370. the smell of banana bread baking
371. seeing God in the journey He leads others on
372. walking alongside those in similar ministry settings
373. the opportunity to pray specifically
374. knowing the Lord has used me to be a blessing to another
375. sharing God's work with a wise counselor
376. rejoicing with a newly engaged friend :)
377. an altered dress that fits just right
378. sharing resources that the Lord has used in my life
379. ironing clothes
380. glowsticks in a baby girl's bath... lots of fun for all

381. a sky painted with pinks, purples, and oranges as the sun rises on a new day
382. preventative medical care
383. listening again to God's work in drawing Matt and I together six years ago
384. the purity of the Holy Spirit's work rather than our often tainted feelings
385. days off to be a homemaker
386. books that are slow to absorb, providing much to think upon
387. a stack of books waiting to be read
388. fresh air circulating
389. little girls playing together

390. the Lord knowing that this season would be one of good and needed refinement, not letting us go on without it
391. a new chapter of friendships and fellowship
392. a sink, full of dishes soaking
393. the Psalms which give us words
394. sharing hope for a thankful life with others
395. grand daughters who love to be at great grandma's for the weekend
396. a softening heart
397. giggles at the discovery of another novelty in the world (through the eyes of an 18 month old)

398. "mama tickle" from Moriah's mouth
399. "mama pat Moriah" at bedtime as sleep approaches
400. a walk outside in January, only jackets needed

Sunday, January 22, 2012

always more to see

322. for a willing and wise supervisor to oversee Matt's Applied Ministry class this semester
323. one more week of everyone home each evening, before the semester begins
324. those who kindly buy lunch though unexpected
325. coupons which help, this week I'm excited to find one for $1 off Crock Pot liners, one of my favorite winter cooking helps
326. creativity in meal planning
327. the opportunity to encourage those who've been faithful yet haven't seen earthly "results"... God is in control still
328. Matt's clarity and Spirit-filled sermons through Jonah over the last few weeks
329. life as a two car family (when one goes awry the other is especially helpful)
330. stories from the past, reminding us that though things change God is eternal and unchanging
331. the opportunity to welcome others into our home for a meal
332. Moriah's Sunday afternoon nap, in her crib for a normal nap rather than in the car
333. safety when the van's problems happened, we were able to cruise right into the parking lot of our mechanic shop (without myself, Moriah, and a van full of groceries stalling in the midst of city traffic on roads without shoulders)
334. Monday off to have the problems assessed without needing transportation to work
335. sweet tea
336. knowing that there are some who not only espouse solid theological thought but actually live it out when the rubber meets the road, lately we've been blessed to read many writings by the Wilson family in Moscow, Idaho (I've read one of Nancy Wilson's books Matt gave me for Christmas regarding the role of a wife, just finished their daughters "Loving the Little Years" and am currently reading Douglas Wilson's marriage book... Matt is reading ND Wilson's "Notes From the Tilt A Whirl")
337. giggles from a sweet girl enjoying time with her daddy, yesterday it included time in a fort sitting on his lap reading books
338. for Moriah's growing vocabulary that let's us know what she wants/needs most of the time, though we're learning that our vocabulary must include some responses that don't fit with her clearly articulated desires
339. Crock Pots
340. babysitting swaps which make date nights more frequent and affordable
341. Seminary Wives classes starting so soon
342. an unexpected vacation from work as the family travels
343. like mindedness
344. an abundance of weddings and babies in our broad circle of friends and acquaintances, all occasions for celebration
345. library story times, ours always include books, songs, and Moriah's favorites: bubbles at the end along with the "sleepy bunnies" song in which tiny little children lay down pretending to sleep, then wake up hopping like bunnies - so precious

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

always more

I'm continuously recognizing all of the graces that draw me to see the Lord in my midst...
302. safety in spite of storms
303. sirens to warn
304. basements for safety, even comfortable finished ones
305. a basement picnic enjoyed by little ones
306. the ever increasing vocabulary of my chatty little girl (Matt thinks she's taking after my mom and I!)
307. painting fun with Moriah
308. bubble baths and the last splashes Moriah insists on before it's time to get out
309. spontaneous hugs and deliberate kisses from her in the midst of life, in those moments I'm amazed that a 17 month old knows how to love so well
310. a generous gift
311. sharing sincere words, showing others that we're coming from similar backgrounds while hoping in Christ to bring about transformation and change
312. fellowship cultivated naturally through the Holy Spirit's work
313. that Christ comes to us, all the way, when we have nothing to muster
314. neighborliness... sharing help, asking for help, meeting simple needs that bless
315. children who are never bothered by runny noses
316. trips to the library with little ones
317. the simple fun of someone else's train table
318. seeing the Lord in complete strangers (a family that seemingly had been grown by adoption today and their Godly interactions together)
319. the Lord's work in weaving together so many stories, we feel like it's a coincidental small world, though that cannot be the only answer
320. books that bring about serious thought and laughter too, recommended reading "Loving the Little Years"
321. my husband who treks up and down the stairs outside in hot, cold, rain or shine to do our laundry, he serves us well

Friday, January 13, 2012

still so thankful

I haven't forgotten to be thankful for all of the Lord's goodness to me... I have been behind in recording this thanksgiving, so I'll catch up though it will be "hodgepodged" together since it's been awhile :)

247. two weeks of holiday vacation paid
248. thoughtful employers who are so generous and know Moriah and I well

249. the joy of gift giving and knowing a small token was well received
250. extended family time, the longest we've been in Kansas City since moving to Louisville, four years ago
251. the joy of grandmas spending time with our little girl (the only grandchild on both sides thus a bit spoiled!)
252. free laundry and assistance with it (my mom is a laundry queen if there could be such a thing)
253. watching Moriah invent toys during our visits to various places, my mom's baby Jesus from her large-ish nativity was scooted around and around the kitchen table tractor-style (I think Moriah missed Mr. S. and his tractors)
254. a whirlwind day of catching up with faraway friends who I wish were nearer
255. sharing glimpses of young married life with one who will be in this place just a few months from now
256. a friend who would make quite a drive to visit and eat deer stew
257. the Lord's work in ways that I never would've predicted, isn't it just SO good to know that He does know better, even when we think we may understand a circumstance we can see
258. hearing testimonies of the Lord's work in action, real families loving and serving those in the local church in big and sacrificial ways, what an example of faith in action
259. servant hearted leaders, who would stay in the nursery on Christmas morning when other workers didn't arrive
260. Christmas dresses, tights, and bows

261. Crown Center at Christmas time, perfect for nostalgic memories and the fun of showing Moriah new places (an aquarium will be opening there soon, and I can't wait to visit Kaleidoscope with her some day, or even go ice skating, we're also looking forward to a meal at the Crayola Cafe)
262. the special foods of the holidays, carefully prepared just once a year
263. the relaxed entertainer, so much for me to learn
264. easy conversation with kind teenagers, refreshing
265. the gift of hand-me-down suits for my preacher husband, very helpful
266. all the dogs Moriah could hope for everywhere we went in KC, lots of excitement and smiles as she "met" them all
267. tasty olive oil to cook with
268. generous giving, though not the meaning of Christmas
269. a new camera to capture these sweet moments when I can grab it in time
270. preaching that is sincere and of the Lord
271. the arrival of a long awaited and greatly desired baby boy, God has answered many prayers
272. the end of teething for now, all teeth through one year molars are in
273. a reunion with Matt
274. the mutually agreed upon decision that we'll probably never prefer to travel apart again
275. Moriah's sweet and all consuming love for her daddy, just what the Lord desires our love for Him to look like

276. cooking with my mom
277. cookie decorating with Moriah for the first time, she was very careful and after tasting a cookie didn't want to stop the fun she was having :)
278. visiting family friends, thinking of memories with my Grandma Phyllis and Grandpa Harlan
279. great grandparents who can enjoy Moriah in good health
280. the kindness of our church members, who love us in so many tangible ways
281. a handcrafted end table from cherry wood, the loveliest furnishing that we hope to keep always
282. singing to the Lord even when we're not sounding the best from an earthly vantage point
283. discovering new music that draws us to worship
284. a fresh smelling home, thanks to a Scentsy gift
285. apple cider and oatmeal cookies on a cold day
286. a pile of hats on a little girl's head, just for fun around the house anytime she can
287. real conversations

288. the desire to give with generosity
289. new glasses arriving soon from an online retailer, only $25!
290. stocking up on diapers and wipes, two things I don't like to cut it close on
291. knowing that the Lord gives us just enough for now, desiring to respond in thanksgiving rather than worry
292. living faith openly
293. fellowship that is sincere
294. watching the Lord work among those who are living their lives outside the ministry bubble we often know, such faithfulness in everyday families who seek and serve the Lord
295. little ones playing together
296. sharing meals
297. helping my husband in the littlest of ways, praying that the Lord makes me a blessing
298. books that open our minds to greater things than we knew before (just read Kisses from Katie)
299. a month of a normal work schedule
300. painting with my sweet girl
301. listening to Moriah talk about doggies, blueberries, Miss Owl, and teddy bears