Sunday, November 20, 2011

30+ reasons for gratitude lately

151. so many blessings they're hard to remember... thus I ought to be recording them more frequently!
152. a week at home, every night
153. a job that has taught me everything I know about flexibility, good for me to learn as routine is my comfort
154. Matt who is gentle in helping me live outside routines, but kind to tolerate them when they help us most
155. Trader Joe's and new tasty treats... chai tea mix and personal apple dumplings for a Friday night at home date
156. shared interests with dear Matt who enjoys sitting together in the quiet of turning pages as we read, maybe more than I do!
157. a healthy and BUSY baby girl

158. my little girl and her mouthful of teeth
159. lengthy cuddles and a basket of board books during an avoidance of napping today (by Moriah, not me!)
160. the thrill of Play-Doh for little hands
161. watching Moriah catch and scoop bubbles and plop them into her little bowl in the bathtub... her actions were very deliberate and intentional, though no bubbles were actually transferred
162. the joy of whispering with Moriah who likes to whisper back

163. a print shop on campus with a laminator I've learned!
164. preparations for a meaningful Advent
165. the new tradition and collection of objects for our Jesse Tree
166. the opportunity to buy gifts for others, especially Matt who I'm not able to surprise as often as I'd like
167. memories of the past from saints who've lived many years with the Lord
168. thank you notes scrawled onto simple paper in recognition of a church's gift to one in need

169. an middle aged son at church even without his elderly mom, coming willingly without her Godly influence
170. a feisty older member who's decided to take her prescription (for a sinus infection) so she can join us next Sunday to worship... she held off on her medicine for most of the week we were told

171. twins
172. a break from weekly classes for both Matt and I, every night at home!
173. hospitable strangers inviting us to join a Thanksgiving celebration
174. photobooks that capture memories

175. chai tea and apple cider, my favorite cold weather warm drinks
176. learning from my husband as I proof read his papers for class
177. recognizing more of God's big picture work in His Word after a Seminary Wives class devoted to surveys of the Old and New Testament
178. the excitement of new classes ahead... for me "Redeeming the Time", "Intro to Biblical Counseling" and "Spiritual Life of a Minister's Wife"
179. an extended visit with family ahead
180. to help Matt with joy in the Lord as I serve
181. conversations with a mentor and friend who's remained faithfully consistent over many years
182. rejoicing in the Lord's work

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jessica dukes said...

are you a nanny? i think i read that you were? i am a nanny in nashville - i am a new follower from the fest...and us nannies have to stick together. :-) cant wait to read more!