Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm currently...

*going crazy with this formatting... oh well!

Listening tothe quiet sounds of a little one sleeping while my husband is in class

Planning: what we'll eat next week, birthday gifts to buy, and bills to pay

for a glimpse into our last after Matt's graduation in May,
for now I can trust the Lord, cling to Him, and enjoy living life today

Thinking about: 
the next season, while wanting to cherish now,
I'm not so good at the leaving transition I've realized, I usually rush ahead to the "next stage" and forget to really
think about all that's ending or changing, 

weeks or months into the "next stage" I get sad about all that's different,
and wish I'd savored it more,
hopefully now I am

a little something sweet, there may be a Girl Scout cookie is in my future

Looking forward to:
the spring/summer children's consignment sale next week

Working on:
my walk with the Lord, trying a new Bible reading plan (Dr. Horner's - 2 days in),
and desiring greater consistency in prayer,
asking the Lord to cause my heart to be satisfied only in Him longing for nothing else

the Bible in bigger chunks than I ever have before,hoping the change will be profitable for seeing the Lord afresh,Elisabeth Elliot's "Keep A Quiet Heart" 

one short article at a time as practical life/devotion building,
a library book, fun to read but not too gripping or particularly intentional, 
I'll probably read it half way then move on (at least I'm honest!)

thankful for life now and all the Lord has done

Making me happy: 
Matt and Moriah's play times squeezed in before he's off to work in the morning,
or as soon as he steps in the door at night,
read aloud times with Moriah (Dr. Seuss this week),
talking with my sweet girl all day long
(lately most conversations start like this,
"Mama, talk about something..."
"What Moriah?"
"Talk about frogs..."
(or puppies, or firemen, or snow, etc. as vast as a 2 1/2 year old mind can go!)

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