Monday, October 1, 2012

our great God and the many gifts He gives

1016. weekends together
1017. an afternoon at the park and our little girl gathering "special things" in her bag
1018. reading outside on a bench when the weather is just right
1019. a little bit of overtime pay and dinner out as a treat
1020. belated birthday cards that are an ever better surprise unexpected
1021. letting the Lord lead me to love others, trusting Him that they'll know
1022. Matt's friendships with other men who encourage him
1023. the farmer's market one last Saturday
1024. sharing the deals of Big Lots with Matt, he's still talking about it!
1025. faith that says, "why not me?" in the midst of suffering
1026. a dad pursuing his children again, God working in our little church
1027. a job much needed
1029. simplifying life, even her toys
1030. coooking on Sunday afternoon
1031. friends who share favorite recipes
1032. homemade soup, hot when it's cool out
1033. a counter full of breads and muffins, Matt's dream come true!
1034. the generous gift of zucchini bread made by hands that have aged
1035. delight in little faces with new fun
1036. sweet Moriah and Matt in a fort
1037. my best laundry help, Matt who hauls it back and forth
1038. assistance received that astonished us as a big bill is no longer looming
1039. my debt of sin against God paid, far greater than any monetary debt, and a far greater payment in Christ on my behalf, oh the love of God
1040. time at home, becoming just as sweet (or sweeter than) as a busy day out
1041. a playgroup starting
1042. a book that inspires in a real way, Love Does
1043. reading time (see my page "Recently Reading" for the most recent books I've read)
1044. a recipe that will work well with little hands helping
1045. "happy birthday mama", Moriah's sweetest sentiment these days right after "I love you" but in her mind seemingly more significant as she says it so sincerely :)
1046. time when I slow down from to do's, just to enjoy things right in front of me
1047. an expressive little boy, telling me about his plans
1048. "Ring around the rosie" on our bed with Moriah, giggling with joy
1049. a dad's play, we're talking about "bad guys" though he chose to spray them instead of mentioning guns... he said "I don't know how to play girl things"as he looked out from the fort
1050. a community of ladies studying the Bible, She Reads Truth, so helpful to my walk

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