Monday, September 10, 2012

so many thanks

921. a fall transformation in our home
922. warm scents from candles
923. homemade chicken noodle soup
924. my husband's hospital visit that encouraged a family
925. Moriah telling us "missed you" no matter how long we've been away
926. sharing with Moriah that our good God created all things
927. the fun of googly eyes and sequins for craft time
928. a church desiring to give of all they can
929. the campus Fall Festival, a great "Wild West" theme
930. yummy homemade pies
931. a Sunday evening family walk
932. half price things from the children's consignment sale
933. one day off a week to serve my family from our home
934. a generous mom who gave us her coffee maker, perfect for fall
935. family pictures as a birthday gift, looking forward to them
936. my husband who is willing to serve even when it's not the most convenient to him
937. a little helper for mommy
938. maintenance coming to remove a wasp nest we discovered
939. a 4th birthday party complete with a hayride for Mr. S.
940. card writing, trying to love and encourage
941. a comfortable skirt
942. the Lord's pursuit of me, unending
943. growth as a couple
944. learning to trust God as we walk into a season of unknowns
945. loving our life right here, trying not to rush ahead
946. a well organized storage unit
947. the craftiness of the Lord to design seasons as He has
948. my sweet pea who's extra snuggly as the last two molars grow
949. the LAST two molars, teething will be finished for this growing girl
950. a hug that holds on as I lay her to sleep


Cherry said...

Linking up after you at Multitudes on Mondays - sounds wonderful to read of fall transformations, candles burning, and chicken noodle soup! Love this coming season!

Tim and Richelle said...

lovely list... and you're almost to 1000!

sounds like you really enjoy your sweet little one.