Wednesday, October 26, 2011

more to be thankful for

61. a husband who accompanies me gladly on nanny overnights
62. an employer who lets us use her washing machine/dryer during the workday for Moriah's laundry (saves our quarters!)
63. a good morning with a happy three year old
64. the joy I watch from combine harvesters, cherry pickers, cement trucks, and other large vehicles while on the road with a little guy
65. a mellow baby girl to care for
66. working out with kind ladies who all desire to glorify the Lord with our bodies in the midst of a full life aside from "Mommy and Me" hour at the gym :)
67. the changing sounds of little babies as they learn all it means to talk! sing-songy gurggles are music to my ears
68. wild red curls on my baby girl's head... called "mad girls" by a teenage cashier when we were out and about one day, made me laugh a lot
69. meals that make plenty so that we have a week of freezer dinners already on hand
70. pacifiers to help soothe little ones in a pinch
71. beautiful autumn weather for playing at a park and spending time outside before cold winter air arrives to stay
72. preparing for a guest in the form of my dad coming to stay for a long weekend!
73. cleaning out a disheveled closet and enjoying the satisfaction of visible change
74. watching my husband grow in trusting the Lord each day while clinging to His Word, so thankful for his leadership
75. timely encouragement straight from the Word and food for thought from my counselor/friend
76. catching spit up early... not always a success!
77. sleeping through the night, Moriah's on the mend without such a runny nose to wake her up
78. going to bed early
79. a free gym and exercise class - back to #66
80. more welcoming friends in a community group over a pot-luck meal/feast!

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