Monday, September 17, 2012

giving thanks for birthday blessings

951. for God's grace abounding, 28 years of His goodness even before I knew He was at work
952. a wise mentor who is such a dear friend, even when our talks span the distance from Louisville to Naples, Florida
953. a little birthday treat from my mom "pretend this is a Starbucks gift card"
954. a quiet night to think about meal planning during the fall and winter, when comfort foods abound
955. learning that time at home is just as sweet, perhaps even more so
956. a pedicure to look forward to as a gift from a generous boss
957. listening to a little voice singing "Happy Birthday" on my voicemail, saving it for a day when I need to remember the sweetness

from Moriah's birthday, but he also sang my sweet song
958. my precious girl looking at me so many times this weekend and saying, "Happy Birthday Mama" so sweetly and so seriously (though she didn't understand my lack of a birthday party with a tractor!)
959. little friends at the zoo, my friend pushing a stroller and enjoying time to catch up
960. God's multiplying provision, so so faithful
961. the Word being proclaimed drawing us to the obvious conclusions as the Spirit works
962. 33 years married, in spite of difficult times, the testimony of Christ loving His church
963. blocks and wooden animals, the simplest of toys and hours of play for Moriah

so hard to get a good picture, their creation
964. a neighbor generous with her time, willing to play with Moriah
965. a birthday date, and a thoughtful husband who chose such a wonderful place, Hillbilly Tea (for my Louisville readers) was great!

pork loin with great vegetables
966. a season to learn who we are and to realize that we love each other for it
967. a slow day to let my face and hair rest without makeup or much "fixing"
968. uncontrollable giggles as we ran up and down the hill together, Moriah was thrilled
969. books held at the library
970. a public library with SO MANY good options
971. the gift of books - 3 new must-reads for me
972. greetings via Facebook, while not real life an interesting smattering of life with those wishing me a Happy Birthday
973. working on a Christmas gift that will hopefully be just right

an alphabet photo book of our adventures!
974. knowing that there are far more gifts than an number to be counted, I'll keep listing them!
975. homemade lasagna (with no boil noodles)
976. a new raincoat for Moriah and a fitting day for it
977. helpful pediatricians who explain little bodies in helpful terms
978. a brother who calls
979. time to talk with a good friend, mostly about everything and nothing, the sort of calls that make me thankful for our friendship
980. a free park with rescued animals, a great destination for little ones

she fed the camel :)
981. meeting together for fellowship and the Word tonight
982. a little church that sings a personalized "Happy Birthday" when the time comes, during Sunday morning announcements
983. pumpkin donut holes to share
984. friendly conversation at the park with other little ones and their moms
985. a book that makes me think about myself and helps me to see from a new perspective
986. birthday cards in the mail
987. learning about Creation and listening to Moriah remember the Lord's work during each day
988. customer cards at various stores and the free birthday rewards earned
989. a camera with a timer so we can snap a picture together

not too bad for a quick dash across the room!
990. a husband who doesn't mind ironing, gives me a break during Moriah's nap today
991. Matt's kind boss and an afternoon class, lets him be at home for an extra night during the week
992. the variety of wisdom gained in my Seminary Wives class each week, last week as we considered starting, serving, and ending well in a church
993. the Lord's work in maturing those in my family
994. letters from bootcamp, funny to read the mind of an 18 year old boy away
995. a home full of things given to us
996. life here 5 years later, God's perfect timing
997. hosts who kindly open their homes to a big community group full of young families and kids
998. favorite friends for our little girl
999. a creative imagination and the stories that come, about Baby Jane, Cubby Bear, and a purple car
1000. the welcoming of a front door wreath

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