Tuesday, November 27, 2012

many thanks to the giver of all



*It's not Monday, I know :)  Here's an updated list of the many thanks to God, the giver of all!

1171. family visiting for Thanksgiving
1172. blankets keeping a little girl cozy enough to nap
1173. play dates with friends and sweet little friends for Moriah
1174. Christmas decorations to warm our home
1175. "Christmas is here!" every time Moriah sees a tree, lights, etc. anywhere we go :)  we're working on the difference between the decorations and the birth of Christ!
1176. Moriah's excitement to play with "baby Jesus" and find him amongst our collection of nativities
1177. a good conversation, prayers answered
1178. a church looking for a pastor, and following up with Matt (still VERY early but some response is encouraging)
1179. a Monday half-day, makes getting back to work not so hard :)
1180. sharing cookies when I really shouldn't eat them all myself!
1181. photos and videos saved from the imminent crash of our computer
1182. seeing Moriah in various settings, watching as she becomes herself in grown up ways
1183. family coming to join us for Christmas
1184. reinventing our winter wreath with the addition of pinecones discovered at the Attic (our FREE campus thrift store)
1185. the gift of a new t-shirt and hoodie, great for cozy winter days
1186. restored health after a sinus infection for Moriah, she wasn't quite herself
1187. a warm walk before the big Thanksgiving meal
1188. Matt's forgiveness, and the Lord's, when I don't let him lead as I ought
1189. morning exercise, just a bit as I start the day
1190. generous family members, willing to help in so many ways that are always a blessing
1191. the reunion of the little ones I nanny for and Moriah after a long weekend apart
1192. the opportunity to give some of all we have
1193. new faith and the desire to follow in baptistm in our little church
1194. the Lord's work as he's taught Matt much through pastoring at this first church
1195. laughing with friends
1196. knowing that God's provision of a family for us, within the Church, is exactly what we need
1197. the approach of Advent as we look forward to the arrival of Christ
1198. Christmas music
1199. baking pies with the help of my sweet girl in the kitchen
1200. Christmas break from classes which begins tomorrow for Matt! (though he'll take a week long class in December)

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