Thursday, November 3, 2011

more of His goodness...

112. children playing happily together
113. the potential of exercise while holding a little baby (thanks again to Mommy and Me at the Seminary)
114. the surprise of long naps from little ones who needed rest
115. cuddling to read books at any time of day (not just bedtimes!)
116. the Spirit who is our Helper as Jesus promised
117. the last of my hardest Seminary Wives Class quizzes tonight (Dr. Schreiner is a New Testament scholar, he thinks they're easy!)
118. the fresh feeling of a clean house
119. smooth outings with three children, I was overwhelmed at first, but the Lord's grace has been sufficient always
120. "pleee" = "please" from the mouth of our sweet girl
121. adorable purple corduory overalls from a very nice children's store thanks to Matt's generous co-workers
122. tasty breakfast options on an early morning at work
123. visits from more family members who don't like to be away from Moriah for too long
124. a job with holidays off, already looking forward to three leisurely days for Thanksgiving
125. the sweet companionship little children offer one another through tender hugs and kind kisses

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