Sunday, October 30, 2011

grace upon grace

81. the Word which provides us with more than enough spiritual food and "does not return void"
82. baskets of clean laundry
83. the feeling of starting a fresh week
84. visits from far away family

85. the generosity of others
86. the Lord's work on behalf of His people, even using unbelievers in accordance to His plans
87. eating brunch out at a yummy place, Wild Eggs, for my Louisville readers :)
89. sharing meals with Matt, our choices are great compliments to the other's preferences, and then there's more to taste
90. apple cider with extra spices to make it extra good
91. roasting a pumpkin whole for the real pumpkin puree
92. pumpkin bread for my husband, the farmer who gave us the pumpkin, the church member who let us fish in his pond, and our family visiting next weekend
93. Moriah's first fishing trip in the midst of a lovely fall day, beautiful property, and her grandpa too!
94. catching two little fish, a nice reward for the leisurely "work" of casting, reeling, and hoping
95. unexpected chili, sandwiches, and chocolate cake from kind people
96. great blue herons, so majestic to me
97. wild turkeys
98. a buck on a hill top with the sun shining behind him and fall trees in the background
99. crunching leaves under our stroller on a walk
100. excitement from baby girls, coming in the form of squeals and smiles

101. peanut butter m&m's, glad my dad shared his sweet tooth with me!
102. Rotel queso, reminds me of many college dorm nights... not a healthy snack every day, but a funny recollection now
103. Monday off work, makes recovery from the weekend possible
104. a husband who listens, thinks seriously, and shares with wisdom

105. church members joyfully giving to our first Operation Christmas Child collection
106. the Lords conviction, leading us to be more like Christ
107. lives that are changed and set apart by Him, for His glory
108. answered prayers in healthy pregnancies of friends who've longed and trusted God for His plans
109. Graeter's ice cream, "some of the best you've ever had... I promise" has been told to too many family members over the last four years in Louisville
110. just enough time to get out the door and on our way, even when the atomic clock changed earlier than scheduled for daylight savings time
111. bows on baby girls

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