Meal Plans

Each week I'll be sharing our family's meal plans... I'll try to link recipes that I've found on-line and may occassionally provide recipes for some of our favorite things too!  I love getting ideas from meal suggestions I see on-line, hopefully you can find some inspiration here as well.  Enjoy!

May 20-25

May 26-June 1

June 2-8

where are the meal plans? June 9-14

meal plans June 22-28

meal plans June 29-July 5

meal plans July 6-13

Gretchen's Muffins and Country Blueberry Dessert

Pecan Salmon, Sweet Potato Fries, Basil Avocado Pasta Salad, Strawberry Cake

meal plans July 14-29

meal plans July 30-August 10

meal plans August 10-17

meal plans August 18-24

meals August 25-September 7

what we're eating September 8-14

meal plans September 15-21

Fall/Winter Meal Plans - week 1

Chili for Fall and Winter

Fall/Winter Meal Plans - week 2

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Fall/Winter Meal Plans - week 3

Fall/Winter Meal Plans - week 4

Fall/Winter Meal Plans - week 5

Fall/Winter Meal Plans - cycling through week 1 again 

This Week's Fall/Winter Meals

Fall/Winter Freezer Surplus Meal Plans

Meal Plans post-Thanksgiving

Meal Plan Tweaks - Nov 30 - Dec 7

A Week of SIMPLE meals

Meal Plans Dec 14-21 and Chicken Tortellini Toss

Homemade Chai Tea Mix

Meal Plans for Christmas Hospitality

Homemade Granola

Mid-January Meal Plans

More Mid-January Meal Plans

Back to Seminary January Meal Plans

Simple Dinners

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