Monday, November 12, 2012

a few thanks

1157. "whoa" coming from the living room as Matt and Moriah play :)
1158. celebrating a baby girl coming soon at a sweet baby shower with lots of creative ideas
1159. tights on a day when there was an accident, all was contained and that was good
1160. Sunday to rest
1161. pumpkin pie made as a family
1162. using an old recipe
1163. dishes handed down, making pie in my mom's old dish is sweetly nostalgic as simple as it is
1164. a playful morning with two little girls
1165. a newly hung "clothesline" of sorts displaying Moriah's crafts galore in our office
1166. my husband who doesn't mind the crafts of a two year old in his studious office
1167. knowing that the Lord can be trusted fully as Matt applies for pastoral positions
1168. visiting with a sweet church member as she recovers from a fall
1169. watching Moriah "read" and most often repeat the title as she turns each page :)
1170. a two year old trying to kiss Ruby, the beloved Golden Retriever, and insisting that it be on Ruby's mouth!

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