Tuesday, January 17, 2012

always more

I'm continuously recognizing all of the graces that draw me to see the Lord in my midst...
302. safety in spite of storms
303. sirens to warn
304. basements for safety, even comfortable finished ones
305. a basement picnic enjoyed by little ones
306. the ever increasing vocabulary of my chatty little girl (Matt thinks she's taking after my mom and I!)
307. painting fun with Moriah
308. bubble baths and the last splashes Moriah insists on before it's time to get out
309. spontaneous hugs and deliberate kisses from her in the midst of life, in those moments I'm amazed that a 17 month old knows how to love so well
310. a generous gift
311. sharing sincere words, showing others that we're coming from similar backgrounds while hoping in Christ to bring about transformation and change
312. fellowship cultivated naturally through the Holy Spirit's work
313. that Christ comes to us, all the way, when we have nothing to muster
314. neighborliness... sharing help, asking for help, meeting simple needs that bless
315. children who are never bothered by runny noses
316. trips to the library with little ones
317. the simple fun of someone else's train table
318. seeing the Lord in complete strangers (a family that seemingly had been grown by adoption today and their Godly interactions together)
319. the Lord's work in weaving together so many stories, we feel like it's a coincidental small world, though that cannot be the only answer
320. books that bring about serious thought and laughter too, recommended reading "Loving the Little Years"
321. my husband who treks up and down the stairs outside in hot, cold, rain or shine to do our laundry, he serves us well

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