Monday, August 13, 2012

thanks all week long


As I've been chroniciling my list of thanks, I find myself thinking throughout the week, "I'm so thankful for this, right now..." or "don't forget to include this in my list".  I realize that the list isn't really what it's all about, but keeping a list has helped me to notice SO much more than I would've otherwise.  It's been especially helpful in times that I would have otherwise been quite tempted to be discontent with one thing or another.  Rather, I'm able to recognize so much of God's good grace and rejoice in Him.  I hope you can experience the same gratitude to the Lord!

857. a big city with all sorts of annual fun, this weekend the St. Joseph's Picnic
858. memories recalled from our last 4 years here, we're becoming a bit nostaligic as we begin what may be our final Seminary/Louisville year
859. chatting away with my sweet girl
860. Saturday morning cleaning and a little one who would rather "watch mama" than play :)
861. my husband who tolerated a weekend with my nose in a book during most every spare moment
862. clean laundry to start the week
863. book store browsing with little ones, and finding just the right book
864. a biography of such a faithful man to increase my faith, George Muller
865. grace and discipline, starting new routines to serve my family
866. a recent meal tasting just as good as I remember it, poppyseed chicken (from the college cafeteria, my favorite during those days!)
867. more sewing lessons as the t-shirt quilt progresses
868. thinking about the Lord as I talk with a little one almost 4
869. recognizing His power over all things, "can God start a tornado and stop it?"
870. seeing grace, but not having the words to explain that while tragedies come and show much evidence of the Fall, grace abounds in that we are SO often protected each day we don't experience utter destruction
871. classes starting, exciting my studious husband
872. Moriah's imagination blooming - a couch pillow became a diving board for such an exaggerated "jump in the water!"
873. elated giggles and squeals from two girls riding in a car on the front of our grocery cart
874. the orange of a really fresh egg
875. seeing a farm in action
876. bedtime stories
877. singing "You Are My Sunshine" as Moriah sings along
878. a little one learning "pat, pat, pat" from Moriah as she gives nice pats so often
879. Dutch baby pancakes as a special breakfast treat, for three little ones early in the morning
880. a productive evening

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