Monday, June 25, 2012

All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love...

and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies. ~ Psalm 25:10

636. an especially helpful and gentle ER staff last Wednesday
637. the doctor who ordered a CAT scan
638. my mom, helping me drink the dye by holding my nose and the cup
639. a nurse who came to help when I pulled the cord
640. kind friends who loved Moriah and played when I was too weak for fun
641. God's orchestration of all things, the CAT scan read just in time to inform the doctor at my next appointment
642. a timely colonoscopy, first thing in the morning
643. a cancellation making a spot for me
644. regaining strength each day
645. God's grace and healing, I don't deserve it, and He would be good even if I were still sick
646. food again
647. the smell of our favorite muffins
648. sending a small gift of thanks
649. a Father's Day celebrated one week later
650. new shoes and a new belt for my dear husband and Moriah's daddy, who deserves far more
651. the cereal mom shares when she visits, we really don't splurge on cereal
652. a t-shirt quilt in the works years after the college t-shirts were first worn
653. a big kiss from Moriah after her nap, God's way to welcome me back to my days as a mom after sharing the mom-duties for so many days
654. summer reading at the library, and a fun hat for Moriah 
655. time to read
656. our church who cares
657. an elderly friend who recovered from bronchitis
658. old men who tease a little curly red head in church
659. a 4th of July invitation extended
670. thoughtful Believers who walk with us in this path
671. old friends visiting
672. a robin still sitting, babies arriving soon
673. naps every day for this recovery
674. a resolve to healthier eating
675. energy for the park, at least for a little while
676. sitting close to enjoy a soccer game with Matt
677. the thrill of penalty kicks
678. holding Moriah and singing to her before bed
679. cooking for our family again
680. the Lord who "instructs sinners in the way" Psalm 25:8

enjoying a sunny day with her baby

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