Sunday, December 4, 2011

all good gifts...

211. that even sickness passes quickly
212. for a healthy baby girl over the last 16 months
213. teeth emerging after the difficulties that come with them in little mouths
214. our glider that makes comforting her comfortable for me
215. babysitting swaps with a sweet friend, date nights are possible without the additional cost of a babysitter
216. resting with Matt, doing nothing more than reading in one another's company
217. first birthdays and the thrill of a baby discovering cake :)
218. baby legs with ruffly socks and patent leather shoes... very classic in my mind

219. good books to read aloud with Moriah
220. quality music performed without the compromise and for God's glory, "Behold the Lamb of God"
221. lighting that matches music as it's played... especially when the lights suddenly shone as the musicians sang of the angels appearing and singing to the shepherds
222. considering our light in heaven will radiate from the True Light, wow
223. homemade cheesy potato soup
224. an unexpectedly warm day, perfect for taking a walk as a family
225. lovely nativities and ornaments made around the world and sold in our local fair trade store
226. homemade Christmas potpourri for the stove, that I'm excited to try
227. watching squirrels scamper with Moriah
228. the relief medicine can provide for fevered babies
229. blueberry muffins from my childhood "Fannie Farmer Junior" cookbook
230. Christmas cards arriving from near and far
231. the process of thinking about the Lord's work and composing a Christmas letter to share

232. wrapping gifts and the joy of surprising others
233. purple corduroy overalls with ruffles and a Peter Pan collared shirt
234. tiny tiramisu for treats
235. locally made marinara sauce from Lotsa Pasta
236. a husband who chooses to know my heart even when I struggle to communicate it well
237. catching up with friends far away
238. much needed naps
239. new light bulbs after becoming used to a half lit room
240. watching Moriah learn

241. the opportunity to encourage with Truth as we think through it together
242. a helpful devotional to draw my thoughts to the Lord's work in all of life, currently reading this one called "Contentment" but also recently finished "Joy"
243. asking "who is God?" as I read familiar passages in the Christmas story... seeing Him in the Word as He makes Himself known always
244. a thoughtful brother who loves being an uncle (or so it seems!)

245. God's protection over those I love during a car accident, showing His mercy
246. songs conveying Truth with creativity while requiring thoughtfulness, listen to "I Will Find a Way" at the bottom on a video link, then read the interview for background info about the fascinating song