Monday, July 2, 2012

give thanks to the Lord

681. walking with a stroller of little ladies
682. laundry from a little girl, I don't tire of folding tiny things :)
683. a day camp for a busy boy, and a quiet day for girls
684. my husband who stands for Truth while showing so much integrity of character
685. keeping up with friends
686. invitations from friends for little ones to play
687. a BBQ with friends in the summer
688. company and catching up, even when Papa John's is the main course in a dinner party with friends
689. a great blue heron flying away from the stream
690. a turtle trudging through the grass
691. tiny chirps from newly hatched birds outside our door
692. "last night" Moriah's new expression of time for anything done in the past... if you didn't know that she applies it to most everything you'd think we'd been really busy and up late :)
693. Moriah and Matt relaxing together (though she's never seemed up for it with me!)
694. the sweet affection of little friends
695. conviction that leads to action
696. faithful teaching even if skipping some parts would be "easier"
697. sweet saints who remember Moriah's upcoming birthday even as she's living her 90th year
698. faces returning to church after roads leading else where for a long time
699. learning the stories of those we worship with
700. wise counsel from miles away easily communicated with technology (sometimes it's good)


Anonymous said...

#692... "last night"... that's so cute... enjoy those moments, they go so fast. Just visiting from the Multitudes on Mondays community. Enjoyed your list.

Shari said...

I'm visiting your blog for the first time from A Holy Experience. I love the look of your blog with the quilt background. Your list was so special. My favorite was the baby birds chirping. :)