Monday, October 29, 2012

30 Reasons Among Many...

holy experience

1101. when flexibility at my job means no overnight after all
1102. little friends playing together
1103. dinner with friends, good conversation that lasts
1104. worshipping as a family
1105. God's work at Sojourn in Louisville
1106. pumpkin bread (even though the top sunk, applesauce wasn't a valid oil substitute I guess!)
1107. apple cider
1108. Matt and Moriah carving our biggest pumpkin
1109. Charlie Brown on the laptop, all three of us (and Moriah's "friends" or baby dolls) snuggled on the couch
1110. rising a bit later on Saturday as Matt woke with Moriah, 30 extra minutes is a treat sometimes
1111. homemade chicken pot pie for supper
1112. anticipating family visiting, even a couple months from now
1113. packages from my mom
1114. God's incessant reminders when there's something to be learned, He pursues
1115. a library morning with my little girls, sitting together to enjoy our new finds
1116. the wisdom of kind ladies at my church, do in fact keep the fat at the top of my homemade chicken stock, it gives it the flavor :)
1117. straight hair again, maybe I wasn't meant to be a "curly girl" all the time
1118. free giveaways, lovely hand cream thanks to a Facebook coupon
1119. remembering the Lord's total faithfulness each month when the bills are paid
1120. honest mechanics, and windshield wipers that work again before winter
1121. Matt's final semester of Seminary scheduled as he enrolled this morning
1122. time to pray and entrust our future to a God who already knows it, wow!
1123. looking forward to the Getty's Christmas concert at Southern again this year
1124. pajamas 'til noon, some days it works
1125. well organized church child care, a blessing to families and a comfort to moms
1126. morning exercise
1127. banana almond smoothies to start the day (though it's getting too cold for them!)
1128. goal setting and the purpose it can bring, with grace of course
1129. talking with friends who pick right up where you left off last
1130. a husband who I'm glad to follow, and blessed to be beside wherever the Lord takes us next

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