Sunday, August 31, 2008

a new beginning

As you may know Matt and I moved here to Louisville about 2 months ago now. Looking back it seems time has flown by, but along the way there were many days when it seemed like the unknowns were making time stand still. Now our routines have begun since Matt's classes have started and I've been teaching for a few weeks. Not that everything is totally settled, but much more so than it once was. I like to feel settled... I've been thinking about the balance of faith and trusting the Lord along with wanting comfort in routines. I'm still thinking, but hope He will show me a balance.
This week was the beginning of two great opportunities I'll have to meet and fellowship with other women on campus. Tuesday evening was the first Pendergraph Women's Ministry event. I enjoyed talking with the ladies at my table and sampling a variety of Louisville food... delicious! The time of worship was so sweet as I was encouraged by being a part of this body of women seeking the Lord in this common stage of life. I realized how much the Lord has wired me to need His Body and fellowship with His saints. It was a blessing.
On Thursday evening, the Seminary Wives Institute began. I have been praying specifically for a like-minded friend here. I met another seminary wife in my small group who is also from Kansas City, lives in our apartment complex, and teaches 3rd grade at a public school very close to mine and with an almost identical demographic of students. As the weeks progress in this class we'll choose accountability partners for prayer and discussion outside of our small group meetings... maybe she'll be mine. Anyhow, I'm so thankful to see tha the Lord has many people in the same season of life here, all learning our own individual lessons, but very much experiencing some of the same things. I hope to learn from other women and to be an encouragement as well.
That's all for my Louisville Life today... I'll update as often as the mood strikes and I find time.