Saturday, September 22, 2012

fall/winter meal plans - week 1

This is our first week getting back to pre-planned meal plans.  Instead of brainstorming yummy sounding dinners on a weekly basis, I flipped through our favorites and wrote out meal plans for a month of dinners.  I usually stick with these plans mostly, but not rigidly and tend to enjoy them more during the first two months or so of the season than by the end of it when I'm ready for something different.  We'll see how it works this time!  Here's the plan for week 1...

chili, cornbread, fruit
(while I like Sunday's to be restful, I also love to cook on Sunday evenings when I know I have ample time and Matt's happy to play with Moriah - it's a good time for the restful sort of cooking at a slower pace than any week night)

*I'll add my chili recipe soon too, I grew up with a meaty-bean chili and didn't know that all chili was't the same!  This one is just "normal" to us :)

(this is our community group night, every third week it's a pot-luck so we're often bringing a dish or needing something easy to eat before we leave)

Crock Pot whole chicken, rolls, fruit *I'll be using the chicken to make another batch of chicken stock*
(this is Matt's night class, so he comes home for a quick dinner before he's off and away, I'm hoping Crock-Pot recipes will be especially helpful on Tuesdays!)

does everyone know this roll recipe?
Bisquick, butter, and sour cream - so tasty and EASY!
thanks to my friend Christian :)

cashew chicken and broccoli, rice, crab rangoon
(the crab rangoon are frozen, not homemade and were at ALDI this week!  perfect timing)

this is a pretty easy recipe,
and is a "healthified" version from Live Better America 

(this is my Seminary Wives class night so again we need something fast with little clean up)

chicken pot pie, fruit *with leftover whole chicken*
(this is often my day off, allowing for more cooking time)

*I'll add the recipe soon as I can't find my original source on-line, it's "homemade" but with store bought pie crust (to speed things up!) if you take some shortcuts like me :)

baked oatmeal - or another variety of oatmeal, fruit, eggs

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