Friday, January 18, 2013

Meal Plans January 18 - January 25

Mid-Winter Meal Plans

I haven't really followed my pre-planned "Fall/Winter Meal Plans" for awhile now.  I may get back to that soon, once they don't seem as familiar to me.  In the meantime we're trying some new things, and enjoy our Crock Pot!  I didn't realize I was using it so often this week, I'll run back to the store for more of my favorite Crock Pot liners.

The plans are...

tomato soup, grilled cheese

(we're skipping the mozzarella balls this time, though I've tasted them with this soup as leftovers at work... they're great, but require plenty of freezing time before baking,
if you try it I was told not to tweak that step, even if the mozzarella balls seem plenty frozen.
I may cut the grilled cheese into squares and eat them in the soup as "croutons" -
I just heard that idea this week!)

from Peas and Crayons


for breakfast...
(I'm using up buttermilk and blueberries we had a surplus of!)

from Alexandra's Kichen

for dinner...

(I'd highly recommend making the stock from your chicken as the recipe suggests...
it's easy and cooks on it's own overnight!)

from 100 Days of Real Food

from Pioneer Woman

from Kalyn's Kitchen
panini-style turkey sandwiches, leftover veggies, fruit
(we use our George Foreman grill and make sandwiches similar to the Green Turkey I loved at
Planet Sub with cream cheese, avocado, bacon, onion, tomato, and turkey... can't be beat!)

(the turnips from church are still lingering, I'm off work Monday and Matt will be home,
so I'll have the time to figure out exactly how to prepare them... if you've tried them, share!)

from All Recipes

waffles, eggs, bacon
(they didn't happen last week, Matt was out of town, so Moriah and I finished off our
Cracker Barrel gift card from friends at church and had breakfast for dinner there!)

Crock Pot ham and beans, cornbread muffins

from Plain Chicken



from He Graces

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Hope you enjoy the beans!