Saturday, July 21, 2012

what we're eating!

I totally forgot my meal plan post last week, so I'll let this be a catch-up with last week's and this week's plan...

last week first:
Saturday -
leftover taco filling from the Pinterest inspired taco casserole
(we had plenty of the bean/beef mixture left so I froze it to use for a second meal)

Sunday -
Pinterest inspired chicken breasts, zucchini, corn on the cob
(I baked the corn, husks and all for 30 min at about 350 degrees, it was SO easy and the corn was delicious - I'll prepare it this way again for sure!)

Monday -
leftover red beans and rice with edamame
(also from the freezer's leftovers of last week's creation while Matt was at a church meeting, so it worked out well, Moriah and I love the "crispy edamame" recipe though I realized we were eating lots from the bean "family" - oh well!)

Tuesday -
breakfast for dinner: Pampered Chef ham and vegetable egg strata, fruit and yogurt parfaits
(a friend shared the strata recipe with us after a small group pot-luck contribution she brought - it's yummy including asparagus and English muffins and is topped with hollandaise sauce, I left out the ham)

Wednesday -

Thursday -
I was having a hurried night and knew my original plans wouldn't work, so I picked up a deli chicken salad crossiant sandwich for us to split with a summer veggie salad - thankful Matt's up for quick things like this!

Friday -
shrimp and grits, cornbread muffins
(this was an ambitious recipe for me, though I needed something to use the rest of the andouille sausage I bought for red beans and rice, when I searched I thought I'd give it a try and prepared it during naptime so I could have plenty of time for chopping, and washing a few dishes!)

next week:

Saturday -
Dutch baby breakfast for dinner, eggs, bacon

Sunday -
frozen pizza

Monday -
middle eastern vegetable salad from The Barefoot Contessa

(we're going to our small group pot-luck tonight, so this will be our contribution)

I enjoyed this as leftovers while I worked, and got the recipe!
Tuesday -
BLT sandwiches, corn couscous from Martha Stewart

this was also a former lunch at work!
I'm thankful for good leftovers to sample
Wednesday -
veggie sandwiches, leftover corn couscous
(my mom and brother will arrive tonight staying through the weekend, he's headed toward a vegan lifestyle so I try to be as thoughtful of that as I can be though he still eats eggs and doesn't get really upset about small concessions!)

Thursday -
nacho bar with black beans, avocado, cheese, Rotel tomatoes, olives

Friday -
lemon chicken bake, with roasted potatoes and green beans, frozen rolls, country blueberry dessert
(Matt's mom and brother will also arrive, so I needed something that would feed a big crowd, I plan to double the lemon chicken bake!)

after discovering this on Pinterest, I've made it a handful of times while entertaining
we LOVE it as have our friends!
I can't remember if my in-laws enjoy blueberries as much as my mom and brother do, hopefully so!
Saturday -
eat out/carry out after Moriah's birthday party
(we're having a late afternoon/evening party with some finger foods - pinwheels, cheese and crackers, fruit kabobs, and strawberry birthday cake - but no dinner, and I know we won't be up for cooking afterwards so we'll pick something up)

Sunday -
breakfast burritos with yogurt parfaits

*I also made these other things, or have the ingredients on hand for lunches or supplementary side dishes as needed with company...
- Gretchen's muffins
- homemade yogurt
- homemade granola* recipe to come soon!
- broccoli slaw salad* recipe to come soon!
- sweet potato fries
- Northern bean and rice salad
- macaroni and cheese - from a box :)

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