Friday, December 21, 2012

Meal Plans for Christmas Hospitality

Meal Plans for Christmas

This year our families are coming to us for Christmas.  We'll add 6 more adults (4 men!) to our dinners, so my refrigerator is more full than it's ever been in preparation :)  Before our family arrives, we'll enjoy a quiet Christmas here, and have a big breakfast to celebrate, complete with a birthday cake for baby Jesus as Moriah's insisted!  These are the plans...

Friday -

Saturday -
possibly out with friends after church

Sunday -
Jiffy cornbread muffins

from Plain Chicken

Monday -
homemade pizza with sausage and vegetables

Tuesday, Christmas! -
orange juice, chai tea, apple cider, coffee, tea, hot chocolate (we're well stocked!)
cinnamon rolls,
(both orange like Matt remembers on Christmas morning and regular
from a can this year, I may try Pioneer Woman's in the future)
fruit salad
sour cream pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream for Jesus' birthday cake

from Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife

Wednesday -

Thursday -
snack: hummus, pita chips
spaghetti (with Lotsa Pasta marinara sauce)
and spicy turkey meatballs (they've been waiting in the freezer),
garlic bread,
oven roasted broccoli

from Food Network

Friday -
snack: Lotsa Pasta dip, crackers
taco bar with Crock Pot cilantro lime chicken, and ground beef,
hard and soft taco shells,
toppings (olives, lettuce, cheese, sour cream),
cilantro lime rice
black and refried beans

from All Recipes
from Skinny Taste

Saturday -
snack: cheese ball, crackers
buttermilk pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions,
roasted asparagus,
Bisquick rolls

from Taste of Home


Sunday -
for church pot-luck
(in rural Kentucky... my selections have to be pretty "normal" to be enjoyed!
since we're multiplying the size of our tiny church with our additional family
members we're bringing a lot to the Christmas pot-luck):
Christmas cookies
(magic cookie bars, caramel brownies, Swedish thumbprint cookies,
chocolate gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies)
mom's macaroni and cheese

for dinner -
snack: summer sausage, Amish cheese, crackers

chicken (or turkey) and wild rice soup

from Betty Crocker

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