Saturday, November 3, 2012

this week's fall/winter meals

Fall/Winter Meals 

I'm back to week #2 of our Fall/Winter meal plans.  Again, I'm thankful the pre-planned menu is a springboard each week before I go grocery shopping and try to think of dinners we'll all enjoy.
This week we're making just a few changes...

homemade chicken noodle soup rather than chicken and wild rice soup as the meal plan notes
*if you're intimidated by the thought, start with her whole chicken crock-pot recipe, then make the chicken stock from there (also in the crock-pot), and by the time you're ready for chicken noodle soup you'll be amazed at how easy it really is!  of course it's also tasty and nutritious :)

from 100 Days of Real Food blog

tacos using this new-to-me recipe for preparing cilantro lime chicken in the Crock Pot

from All Recipes website
I also enjoyed trying these two Pinterest recipes for breakfast this morning before
Matt was off to work at the bank for a Saturday half-day.

*I wasn't too confident that my crescent rolls would stay together as they cooked, but they did!
This was really easy and would be great for a holiday morning, or even a brunch.

from The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife blog

*these were great, I was worried that I'd be disappointed because I LOVE cream cheese danish,
I was not disappointed at all - so I'm taking them to church tomorrow to prevent myself 
from eating every last one :)  Also great for a holiday, shower, or brunch!

from Food Lush blog
Lest you think our meals are always planned and prepared precisely, we ordered Papa John's one night this week to enjoy the free pizza next week offer!  We also had a "scavenger" night as my husband calls it where we all find whatever we'd like to eat... that's worse than planned leftovers in my mind :)  At least when we have leftovers I know what will be available!  We all survived and enjoy both of our unplanned dinners.

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