Saturday, October 20, 2012

fall/winter meal plans week 5

Here's another week of Fall/Winter meal plans for our family...

Fall/Winter Meals week 5

Sunday -
*found this last year and enjoyed the creamy and cheesy taste :)
it reminds me of my favorite potato soup from Houlihan's

Monday -

Tuesday -
Crock Pot chicken tortilla soup
*a recipe I've used and we've loved for a few winters now, yum!


Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -
BBQ meatballs

Saturday -
French toast

Here's what we're actually having...

I kept most of the meals as planned and added sides, though our pizza became a frozen one (not a homemade one!).  We're having broccoli (leftover from last week's soup) as a side with our meatballs.  Edamame (also a leftover) will be a side with the potato soup along with rolls.  We'll have cheese quesadillas and Mexican rice with our tortilla soup.  I also substituted a night of Crock Pot Ham and Beans with cornbread, instead of French toast.  We'll be away one night as I'll be working, and Matt has class so we didn't need as many meals.  We'll also have leftovers still!

from Plain Chicken

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