Sunday, September 30, 2012

fall/winter meal plans - week 2

from Espresso and Cream,
our favorite "fall salad"

Here's our week 2 of Fall/Winter Meal Plans... 

We're enjoying some of our favorites as the weather turns a bit cooler!

Sunday -
chicken and wild rice soup, apple muffins

from Martha Stewart
Monday -

Tuesday -
tacos, black beans (from a can), taco rice (from a Knorr's bag)

Wednesday -
*I use crescent rolls rather than pizza dough these days, though I initially made the recipe the way its written!

from Real Simple
Thursday -

Friday -
pasta with pesto cream sauce, bread, fruit/vegetable

from all recipes
Saturday -
waffles, eggs, bacon

*Again, I plot out our meals seasonally for about 5 weeks of dinners, then using that as a guide I specifically plan for the week and shop accordingly week by week.  If we have plans for eating with friends, contributing to a community group pot-luck, making extra food to deliver, or using up pantry/freezer foods I can adjust to fit our budget and minimize waste.

This week we'll mostly follow our plans, skipping the pasta with pesto cream sauce and moving waffles to Friday night.  We'll be attending a Pastor's Appreciation Supper on Saturday night so we don't need a meal planned then.  I'll also be using this lime chicken taco recipe from Pinterest that's new to us.  I'm cooking a smaller portion (using extra chicken tenderloins I have) and won't be using the Crock-Pot but plan to adapt the recipe to cook on the stove top.  The Lord always works things our perfectly!

from Taste of Home

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