Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall/Winter Meal Plans - week 4

Here's the next week of our Fall/Winter meal plan rotation...

Fall/Winter meal plans - week 4



(somehow I've always just done this in the Crock Pot and only realized this week that it's not intended to be, though it was always fine cooking on low for my teacher work days - about 8-10ish hours?!)

from Taste of Home



(I've never poured the chicken soup base over the chicken as the recipe mentioned, mine has been fine and moist for us, though I'm sure it would be a yummy addition)

(maybe I'll have a post soon sharing some of my favorites, we like quiche a lot!)

As often happens, we don't need each of these meals this week.  Instead we're sticking to our plans, but just rearranging them a bit, and skipping spaghetti and quiche.  One evening we'll be at our community group's pot-luck so we won't need a Monday night meal, and I knew we'd likely have plenty of leftovers from both the soup and roast to stretch a bit more.  We're also trading quiche for pumpkin pancakes this week and only planning through Thursday, as I'm off work again next Friday and will "restart" for the following week.  In case you wonder what we're eating with each of these main courses I'll share that below... sometimes I hit a road block trying to come up with sides, and we honestly stay pretty minimalist on them these days.

broccoli cheddar soup WITH Gretchen's muffins, homemade applesauce (from Joy of Cooking)

*the applesauce recipe linked is close to what I do though I don't use apple cider just water,
I have used "sugar in the raw" to sweeten it which we all liked

roast WITH veggies in the Crock Pot, Bisquick rolls, homemade applesauce

feta chicken WITH edamame, quinoa/rice mix (Uncle Ben's microwavable rice bags)

pumpkin pancakes WITH bacon, eggs

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