Sunday, June 3, 2012

meal plans June 2-8

I have more meal plans to share... I hope some of you have been able to try something new or modify one of these suggestions to fit your own likes!  I have a full week ahead of me as I'll be adding a 4th child to my days a nanny while also trying to pack and prepare to travel alone with Moriah this weekend for a wedding.  I decided to make most of our suppers in advance today, freezing parts or refrigerating them for smooth dinners with less prep time and less mess in the kitchen during the evening.  I've never tried it before with so much food, but I found it helpful for a busy week.  Do you ever cook in advance?

 Here's the plan for this week:

Saturday June 2 -
out to Jason's Deli!  this is a big treat, but we had a successful garage sale this morning and chose to use some of our earnings to eat out

Sunday -
Martha Stewart's bean burritos (this recipe makes A LOT of burrito filling, the filling freezes well also) with copy-cat Chipotle cilantro lime rice
pineapple mango smoothies for dessert*
*I've modified it a bit by adding 1 banana, and using plain yogurt or the Chobani pineapple Greek yogurt, ALDI sells frozen mango which I recently bought with these smoothies in mind

Monday -
chicken fried rice* with egg rolls (I had a coupon for a frozen variety at the grocery store)
*I added a bit of Chinese cabbage from one of our generous church members who bought it from a local farmer

Tuesday -

Wednesday -
quiche and muffins (the same one that's been on our meal plan for the last three weeks, since it's been frozen I've been able to shift it around until we really needed it!)

Thursday -
spaghetti (nothing fancy, but our local Lotsa Pasta marinara sauce makes it amazing! I add ground turkey, mushrooms, and basil from our container garden) with asparagus

Friday, Saturday, Sunday -
I'll be out of town with Moriah, so we're leaving Matt with goodies... deli meat, oatmeal, eggs, frozen homemade waffles, sweet potatoes, and leftovers... though he wouldn't ask me to make anything I'm glad to help as he'd be thrilled to live on not much more than oatmeal for the weekend!  (the thought of only oatmeal with scrambled eggs in addition isn't thrilling to me at all)

Moriah loves to cook and be a chef!
Grandma Theresa sent this outfit as a Valentine's gift which Moriah still enjoys

I often feel like I hit a rut with Moriah's lunch food... as a nanny I eat from the family's fridge and really enjoy it :) I bring Moriah's lunches, not wanting to take advantage of their generosity, but have found myself in need of new ideas.  This week we're trying...
leftover bean burrito mixture (rice and cheese included) with blackberries and pineapple on the side, I may also supplement with some tortilla chips if they help encourage her to scoop the beans :)


Candace said...

I've been wanting to try the chipotle rice recipe! Yum. I feel like I've already hit a rut with Hannah's lunches.... She eats a lot of earth's best cheese ravioli with peas and fresh fruit , but she doesn't seem interested in bread, waffles, or bagels. Any suggestions?

Laura said...

I've rotated through a few lunch options, which Moriah seemed to enjoy for quite awhile... she liked tortillas with cream cheese and avocado wrapped up then chopped (it was easiest to chop after chilling for awhile), she also liked that wrap with black olives instead of avocado sometimes, she liked grilled cheese for awhile, or grilled deli meat and cheese (either turkey or ham) - the cheese acted like "glue" to keep the sandwich together (and might disguise the bread part a bit?!), she also likes cream cheese and jam, or you could totally mix things up and enjoy something like baked sweet potato, fruit, and cottage cheese or small cubed cheese, beans are another good protein option that Moriah's enjoyed - does she like muffins? I made pumpkin muffins for awhile which were a bit healthier and she enjoyed those or pumpkin pancakes with applesauce or cream cheese spread on them - just my quick thoughts, maybe some help :)