Wednesday, August 1, 2012

meal plans July 30-August 10

A meal plan update is in order!  We really stocked up for our family's visit and birthday party, and now we're able to be blessed by the abundance that created.  Plans change, especially when we have visitors and I'm slowing learning flexibility :)  We needed some frugal options and have two weeks worth of unconventional meals ahead, some are more "well rounded" than others!  Here's the list...
*I only linked one recipe this week as I think all others have been linked on past meal plans or are pretty self explanatory!

Monday July 30 -
Pinterest inspired caprese salad topped chicken breast, vegetable gratin from the freezer stash

Tuesday -
cilantro lime chicken (for Matt), bland foods for Moriah and I who seem to have had a little bug

Wednesday -
roasted green beans, potatoes, and lemon (basically the chicken recipe, minus chicken!), baked beans, rolls

Thursday -

Friday -
breakfast burritos with egg, bacon, and cheese in spinach wraps

Saturday -
veggie sandwiches with sweet potato fries

Sunday -
nachos with black beans, taco rice, Rotel, cheese, avocado

Monday August 6 -
egg plant lasagna from the freezer, bread, green beans

Tuesday -
fruit and yogurt parfaits, muffins/toast, eggs

Wednesday -
frozen pizzas (still in the freezer unopened from our previous purchase)

Thursday -
corn on the cob, Northern bean and rice salad

Friday -
pasta with marinara sauce (I'll decide which pasta looks best as I shop, maybe ravioli!)

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