Saturday, June 23, 2012

meal planning June 22-28

I'm eating real food again, and couldn't be happier about it :)  I really started imagining and dreaming of food in my last days of being really sick, so now that I can eat I'm very thankful.  I'm still needing to eat a "bland" diet the doctor has told me, and I'm also only eating about half as much per meal as I usually would, but progress is encouraging!  I also just realized that I posted no plans for last week... I was SO sick that I literally couldn't eat, and lost 10 pounds (the most weight I've ever lost other than baby weight) in 7 days which was not good.  My mom came to stay and cooked from what we had for herself, Matt, and Moriah - I really can't remember what they ate, but I'm thankful for our normal life again.  This week we're enjoying...

Friday June 22 -
avocado, bacon, turkey, and cream cheese sandwiches with macaroni and cheese
(panini style on our George Foreman and inspired by a Planet Sub sandwich we both loved)

Saturday -
TGI Fridays cheesy potato broccoli bake with fruit
(a freezer meal my mom brought us during her visit, glad to have it on hand for an easy supper)

Sunday -
Hawaiian chicken with rice and sweet potato fries
(I've started using chicken tenderloins as they're less expensive and cook more quickly)

Monday -
chicken and spinach pasta with roasted carrots
(the last of the freezer meals mom made to help me make a fast dinner on my first full day with Moriah as I regain energy)

Tuesday -
(so helpful after my first day back to work, Lord willing)

Wednesday -
waffles with eggs and bacon

Thursday -
Southwest chicken chopped salad
(a Pinterest inspiration, hoping the lettuce and corn won't be upsetting to my stomach)

I was also happy to find lots of yummy summer produce on sale at ALDI this week, so we'll enjoy fresh peaches, blueberries, and avocados as well - yum!

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Candace said...

Do glad you're feeling better! The southwest chicken chopped salad is soo good! We're had it a lot lately!