Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meal Plans June 29 - July 5

Here are the plans for our week... it's a pretty simple/frugal week for us with Matt's birthday dinner thrown in the mix as a splurge!  We were able to afford more produce this week as our dinners are meatless for the most part, stretching our budget a bit.

Friday -
Papa John's pizza, salad, no bake cookies
(we enjoyed visiting with friends who came over for dinner and contributed the salad!)

Saturday -
BLT's, macaroni and cheese, baked beans

Sunday -
muffins, yogurt parfaits, hard boiled eggs

Monday -
egg salad sandwiches, fruit
(ALDI had Hawaiian rolls today, which will make the egg salad sandwiches extra tasty!)

Tuesday -
nachos with black beans and avocado

Wednesday -

spaghetti, carrots, peas
(we may have 4th of July plans, so this dinner could be scratched/saved for later, and any of the "extras" below could be prepared for a 4th of July party with friends)

Thursday -
pecan salmon, basil avocado pasta salad, strawberry birthday cake
(Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband - these are some of his favorite things!)

"extras" on hand...
brownie mix
lemon bar mix
country blueberry dessert
Northern bean and rice salad

I'll hope to share some of these recipes this week, especially for our favorite muffins, pecan salmon, basil avocado pasta salad, and country blueberry dessert - look for another post soon!

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