Saturday, August 18, 2012

meal plans August 18-24

These are our plans for supper!

Broccoli Cheddar Quiche, fruit, muffins
This is an old favorite I made more frequently in the past - somehow we'd "forgotten" about quiche lately and thought it sounded good

BLT's (plus avocado), sweet potato fries
We've eaten a lot of BLT's this summer, mostly because they're quick and easy using ingredients we often have, especially since the generous farmers at our church have shared plenty of tomatoes with us. I hoped to change it up a bit this week by adding the avocado, one of Matt's favorite foods!

Crock-Pot whole chicken, cheesy bacon potato crisps, edamame
Matt called it a "dream dinner", I told him he's easy to please, for which I'm really thankful.  I didn't realize just how much meat would come from a whole chicken but there's a lot!  We ate some, plan to use some with our pesto pasta, and Moriah's lunch quesadillas this week, and still had more to freeze.  What a blessing.  I'm also trying to make chicken stock in the Crock-Pot overnight, which is new to me but sounds promising as a base for fall/winter soups.  The potatoes were a quick thought after seeing them on Pinterest a lot lately, we enjoyed ours a bit less crispy and not with the dip (though I'm sure it would be tasty).

waffles, eggs, bacon

Pesto tossed into pasta, chicken
My basil plants have been producing a lot this summer.  I want to make good use of the fresh herbs so I'm planning to try pesto for the first time.  I look forward to seeing how it works and if I can carefully freeze it to use again throughout the next few weeks and months.


*as a weekend bonus I also tried this Easy-Peasy No Rise Cinnamon Roll recipe, which was the last pin I saw before bed last night - how could I resist when the ingredients were on hand? :)  I didn't have buttermilk but recently read that plain yogurt and milk combine well to make buttermilk in both chemistry and consistency (half of each for the amount required).  It worked for me this morning.  I also had trouble with the dough seeming stickier than I expected when I rolled it with the filling inside, you might use extra flour at that point it.  My family was glad I went for it and we all enjoyed these no-rise cinnamon rolls, there's another pan for tomorrow too, haha (I like trying lots of things, but yeast is one I try to avoid, I'll get brave again soon and try!)

I'll leave you with a picture, see if you can resist!

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