Monday, December 10, 2012

a week of SIMPLE meals...


All meal plans are not as wonderful as I'd like in a dream world.  But in our world, sometimes we need things pretty simple.  This week I was determined to use up things we had and only but a few additional items to carry us through.  We're looking forward to bigger meals around Christmas and are trying to keep it simple until then.  (As a sidenote, even when things seem simple in my mind our grocery allotment is often pricier than I expected, how does that happen?!)

breakfast burritos (scrambed eggs, sausage, cheese, and potatoes), fruit
*these breakfast burritos were really simple but oh so good this time... I scrambled the eggs on their own, used another pan to brown the sausage (we froze half for another meal), then chopped up red potatoes (that I microwaved a bit before so it wouldn't take as long to cook them) and fried them a bit in the same pan after setting the cooked sausage aside... I'll do it this way again and hopefully we'll like them just as much!

macaroni and cheese (from a box!), turkey lunch meat, fruit, leftover peas
*I went out to eat with a good friend after going to a Christmas program at her church, Matt stayed home with Moriah and thrilled her heart by making a yummy dinner!  she loves macaroni :)

community group pot-luck, we're contributing Christmas cookies
*chocolate gingerbread cookies, a new recipe from my friend Dollie and
Sweedish thumbprint cookies from a friend Katy when we first arrived in Louisville
(I want to post favorite cookie recipes soon!)
chili, cornbread (Jiffy in a box)

leftover chili, grilled cheese (we didn't get around to the grilled cheese last week)

baked sweet potatoes, fall salad (romaine with apples/pears, cranberries, pecans, bacon, feta and a poppyseed/balsamic vinaigrette dressing), Bisquick rolls 

from Espresso and Cream



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The Blackley Tribe said...

This looks yummy, and creative. I enjoy your ideas, Laura!
I'm so glad you are enjoying the recipe!