Sunday, September 9, 2012

what we're eating! September 8-14

Back to sharing our meal plans!  I'm starting to feel like fall foods, so we'll slowly move in that direction, this week we added soup back into our meal plans.  I look forward to lots of pumpkin and apple foods in the weeks to come.  Enjoy!

Saturday -
macaroni and cheese, baked beans, watermelon
(the macaroni and cheese was homemade and leftover in the freezer from our small group last week, thus a really frugal meal!)

Sunday -
chicken piccata, pasta, edamame

(I was thrilled to use up some things we hand on hand, as this meal wasn't made last week when we originally planned - we already had capers, lemons, chicken, homemade chicken broth, noodles, and edamame)
*follow the link and scroll down to find the chicken piccata recipe

chicken piccata is a new favorite to me,
the family I work for makes it frequently
and I've enjoyed leftovers for lunch :)
Monday -
Hawaiian chicken, rice, sweet potato fries
(we had chicken tenderloins on hand, the sauce for this recipe is also easy since we had green peppers, BBQ sauce and soy sauce here as well)

Tuesday -
chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese
(I'm using my chicken stock from the whole crock-pot chicken a few weeks ago and also have some of the chicken remaining in the freezer from that meal)

from 100 Days of Real Food

Wednesday -
pesto chicken pizza
(I use mozzarella instead of Fontina as a less expensive substitute)

Thursday -

Friday -
banana nut pancakes, scrambled eggs
(the banana nut mix is from a muffin mix I bought on sale a few weeks ago, the recipe on the back gave instructions to expand the mix into pancakes, a perfect change of pace!)

This week we're so blessed to use up lots of surplus foods and turn them into full meals.  By next week our freezer and pantry will look pretty empty but we have more than we need to enjoy a week of yummy meals now.  We'll plan again next week and start more fall-ish meals!

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Keri said...

I'm so happy you're posting your weekly meals! You know how much I enjoy copying your recipes.