Saturday, July 7, 2012

meal plans July 6-13

I was highly inspired by Pinterest this week as I planned our meals.  I tried to mix new things in with some simple recipes using things we already had on hand.  This is the plan...

Friday -
taco casserole (a "one dish wonder" as I warn Matt so that he's not disappointed by a lack of sides), fruit

Saturday -
baked lemon chicken with green beans and potatoes, rolls, brownies
(we're delivering half of this to a family with a new baby)

Sunday -
pressed sandwiches, fruit
(I only bought the salami and provolone to simplify it a bit for our budget)

Monday -
spaghetti with oven broccoli
(we haven't eaten spaghetti in a few weeks though it's been on our meal plans, things have been rearranged at the last minute for one reason or another, and spaghetti is the first meal to go, maybe it's just not the most appealing on a hot summer day to me)

Tuesday -

Wednesday -
pecan crusted salmon, crispy edamame, and rice
(I hope to add the pecan crusted salmon recipe soon!)

Thursday -
red beans and rice, cornbread muffins
(we've never had this, but Pinterest made it look really good, hopefully it won't be too spicy!)

Friday -
breakfast for dinner - maybe another Dutch baby, or regular pancakes, we'll see

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